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Moving Forward & Upward

Tritus Installations, Inc. is a professional mechanical installation company based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, and has been servicing the needs of many prominent companies Nation-wide since 2003.  We specialize in small to large product storage systems of all kinds; including: mezzanine systems, racking/shelving systems, conveyor, doors, industrial lifts, cranes, and custom fabrication.  This is our 11th year in business and we have continued to grow and increase our abilities every year since the beginning.  Over the years, Tritus has developed strong relationships with many of the most successful Engineering firms, sales people, integrators, and manufacturers; This has helped us to stay on the cutting edge of the industry trends, up & coming e-commerce companies, 3PLs and warehouses.  We have helped to pioneer the newest advances in lean multiple level mezzanine and pick module systems.

Our philosophy is and always has been to provide the very best quality of service available in our industry while maintaining a competitive pricing advantage.  While many companies are busy cutting corners and outsourcing labor, we have tried to develop superior work processes and quality control systems, while staying lean with our overhead in order to keep our costs down.  We aren’t focused on quantity and throwing less capable laborers at a project- we are focused on the quality of each project, knowing that is the only true way to stay in business.  We have been implementing a new training program that we refer to as White-Collar Construction– in which we teach our foremen and construction crews not only the best practices for on-site construction management but also how the sales and administrative side of the industry works to better prepare our people how to handle situations with clients, logistics, salespeople, freight brokers, manufacturers, etc.  Problem solving is truly one of our best qualities as a company.

We are a company of “team players” that use our education, expertise, and strategic skill sets to help our clients have an incredible installation experience- from the earliest preliminary planning until the very last walk through. We are willing and able to travel almost anywhere, and enjoy creating new relationships with new clients all over the world.  Tritus Installations is very much invested in the future of the industry that we participate within. Because of this desire to move Forward and Upward, we continue to spend time and resources in order to develop new products and services that will contribute to the advancement of the industry and our clients in the distribution, warehousing, and logistics world.  We don’t simply want to go along for the ride, we want to help chart the course.

Everyone knows that our business can be hazardous.  Tritus Installations takes safety very seriously and is dedicated to keeping our employees and our client’s personnel and assets as safe as possible during the installation or demo process.  We are certified to run all equipment we handle on the job site.  We do extensive training with our employees on and off the job sites and each employee is issued their own P.P.E. (personal protective equipment) and are required to wear it at all times while on the job site.  Each employee receives and signs a copy of our company safety policies and procedures click here to view.  Tritus Installations has all required liability and workers compensation insurance and during our tenure as a growing installation firm, we have never had a major accident and we maintain a sterling reputation and safety rating.  All insurance information can be supplied upon request.

Tritus partners with many other industry professionals, so whatever your vision may be, Tritus Installations can facilitate in your behalf to not only provide professional installation services, but also bring other professional partners to the table to ensure that the project is done to exceed your expectations.  Contact us for a free consultation

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