Tritus Installations was born back in 2003 with a simple philosophy and skill set, namely: To be the fastest and most dependable racking and shelving installer in the country. From Tritus Installations’ humble beginnings with a few young and ambitious installers, Tritus quickly gained a reputation for being a clean, competitive, and pace-setting installation firm in the Greater Salt Lake City, UT area. Soon Tritus began attracting highly experienced individuals that helped to expand the company’s skill set and abilities within the industry. Working with innovative and boundary pushing integration partners, Tritus Installations was soon bringing massive multi-million dollar racking and pick module systems to life. From simple rivetier shelving and selective rack systems, to more advanced push-back and drive-in style systems. More than a decade later and serving customers nationwide, Tritus Installations is fully capable to still provide the same expert installation services that made Tritus Installations a competitor and helped to solidify a strong reputation in the material handling industry. Tritus Installations’ crews have installed many millions of pounds of steel and racking components over the company’s tenure. Tritus Installations’ philosophy still remains to be the industry pace-setters and to be the very best and most loyal installers available to our clients. Tritus Installations treats every project as if it were our own and Pride’s itself in completing jobs correctly and always on schedule. Whether your company is in the expansion phase or trying to consolidate in an existing space, Tritus Installations provides the expertise to make your project successful.

  • Selective Rack
  • Structural Rack
  • Push-back Rack
  • Drive-in Rack
  • Cantilever Rack
  • Tire Rack
  • Hanging Rack
  • Rivetier Shelving
  • E-Z rect Shelving
  • Steel Shelving
  • Rack w/ Divider systems
  • Lockers
  • Drawer/ cabinet units
  • & More