Service Agreements

Tritus Installations specializes in mechanical and complex material handling systems and industrial equipment installations. The growing need for these types of mechanical solutions within the warehousing and distribution industry also create the necessity to maintain and service this equipment, highly integral to day-to-day production; After all, if a piece of machinery goes down, often times so does the overall production output. Tritus Installations can provide customers with preventative maintenance packages and service agreements designed to mitigate the chances of machinery failures and breakdowns, and to effectively eliminate the burden of unexpected and often-expensive last second service calls. Because of Tritus Installations’ partnership with preferred manufacturers of this equipment, some of these packages can even extend the manufacturer warranty, covering all costs of labor and parts in the event of an issue. To receive more information on how to get set up with one of these preventative maintenance and service contracts, please contact a sales representative from Tritus Installations by clicking on our Contact Us tab above.